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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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called in oakland police because it looked "suspicious." homicide investigators are trying to figure out what happened and will brief us hopefully soon. first they need to assess the situation. they need to figure out what they are dealing with. we have not heard about motive or arrest. >> antidonald trump protesters gathered in oakland for a third night vowing to do it tonight. it start the peacefully at 9:30 a splinter group made it to 580 and stopped traffic the police arrested 11, seven businesses were damaged. cornell barnard covered it all. >> a new flight of demonstration on the streets of oakland, a thousand people gathered on the plaza to protest the election of
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donald trump. many fear he will freeway the campaign promises and deport undocumented immigrants. >> no one feels safer with him as president. families will be broken up. >> an undocumented single father held a sign expressing fear for the future. >> i cannot imagine what it is like if i was not around for my daughters. terrified of that thought. >> on wednesday the protest included 7,000 people with shattered whens whens and graffi around downtown oakland. a pastor hold this sign, a plea for peace on the streets. >> it is okay to be angry and disagree. you have to put it behind you. you have to move forward. >> look at this map showing 18 bay area cities where high school students walked out of class in protest. the students organizes the
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demonstration on social media the largest in san francisco where an estimated thousand students from several schools took part. some stuff walked with students during the march to make sure the students were safe. >> a school principal apologized for using anti-trump profanity during a gathering with students >> [ blank ] donald trump. >> milpitas high school principal was placed on leave. yesterday, students walked out of class in protest of president-elect trump gathering on the football field. in was a discussion and the principal, denounced president-elect trump. he tells the newspaper he does not regret what he said but apologized if people were offended. and stay it is no big deal. >> he should not be in trouble the it was his opinion. he should be able to say his
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opinion. >> he should teach everyone to unite. not divide us more than we are. we don't need that. >> the school district said while they understand emotions are high at this time in our country "it is imperative our educational leaders model integrity and good character." >> we are tracking protests in portland. they turned violent. >> police ramped up from a protest into a riot. jessica i lived in this neighborhood. >> it is shocking to see the video. it escalated to the extreme. veries were town on each other. look at this new video in the last half hour in our live desk. a crowd of 4,000 people turned violent. they publicly declared it a "riot," allowing them to take stronger action to break it up. the crowd broke windows, spray
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painted businesses and could be seen running through a car dealership smashing car windows. they tangled with the protesters who were peace will. 26 protesters were arrested and there are reports of one person waving a gun in the middle of the massive crowd. more on this coming up. >> as profits continue to flier up around the condition, president-elect donald trump moving forward with transition team to the white house. here is that story. >> trump tasked with uniting the country tweeted had an on and successful presidential election day and now professional protesters are protesting, very unfair. another tweet from fur years ago is resurfacing, saying the night of president obama's reelection we can't let this happen, we should march on washington and stop this travesty. >> a different tone yesterday as a more humble president-elect
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met with president obama for the first time in the white house. >> we now are going to do everything we can to help you succeed. trump made the rounds on capitol hill meeting with top g.o.p. officials and house speaker ryan. trump on a tour, while the ex-opponent was on a nature walk going through a hike where she bumped into the former d nominee out walking the dogs. there is still uncertainty for clinton the capitol hill investigations into the private mail server continue and trump's team said they have not ruled out promise to appoint a special prosecutor the to investigate clinton. president-elect donald trump will be the focus of the
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the president." >> and nowen accident that claimed the life of a period. two members of our news teamworked in their news van parked at city hall yesterday. a car and a truck crashed. the man walking near 4th and santa clara streets was hit and killed. our reporter and photographer suffered minor injuries. they were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover. police took the driver of the car that started the accident into custody. they believe alcohol could be a factor. >> bart is back to normal after an equipment problem caused system-wide delays. look at damage. a small electrical explosion caused to the rail from montgomery street station causing a power outage between the embarcadero and powell street station for a couple of hours, triggering major delays. the problem was just fixed after 10:00 p.m. >> there is a similar issue at the same bart station this month. nine days ago firefighters said
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an explosion was to blame for shutting down the montgomery street station. bart blamed it on debris on the track and said there was a small fire that damaged the street. bart hopes the bond measure will fix the recurring issues plaguing the 44-year-old system. >> we have warned of this and now it is happening, van ness improvement project starts in san francisco. brace for delays. and parking problems. work will begin at 10:00 p.m., with removal left turn lanes on southbound van ness. the project is expected to last three years. the goal is to make travel faster and to increase safety for pedestrians. >> many state and federal offices and schools are closed on veterans day with several events around the bay area to on the men and women who fought for our country. the santa clara veterans day parade begins at noon in downtown san jose and begins at west santa clara street and notre dame avenue proceeding
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down market street. a complete list of events at >> we have fog. thick fog. patchy fog is developing inland east bay along the coast to the north bay valley. there is thick tule fog heading through the altamont pass. >> the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> yes, that is me! i show you what is going on. >> it's friday. >> along the coast it is 56 from ocean beach to lake merced. a last 60s, mission, portrero hill, financial district, the marina, downtown. toward richmond, daly city, 49 in santa clara, that is california. pet the plume is 51 and walnut creek and pleasanton, and walnut creek is hazy but not so much fog as toward livermore and dublin area. activity planner is good and pleasant at the beaches and mild surf and temperatures and
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exercising not so warm as yesterday. no fog in san rafael but to the north on 101. temperatures are caller today and cooler tomorrow and sunday with a chance of rain tomorrow. alexis? >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light. seeing a lighter start in general the it is veterans day holiday so folks and schools are not in. bart will operate on a regular system and regular schedule. the overnight power issues have been resolved and all on tie. ace train 7 and 10 will not separate and ten is the run trip due to experience day and muni on regular service. parking meters are still in force even during the holiday. >> a warning this morning from police in the east bay, the robbery spree that has neighbors in berkeley on edge. >> farms, kitchens and
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and i take my job seriously. while i'm busy watching the game, i need your help keeping an eye on the stands. if you see something that doesn't look quite right, tell a law enforcement official. we all play an important role in protecting our communities, and you can help. if you see something suspicious, say something to local authorities. [ crowd cheering ] >> an update in los angeles with 28 people arrested in anti-trump protests which is more than portland, oregon. new video is coming in with the profits in los angeles were more
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peaceful and less disruptive largely due to the fact that police blocked freeway entrances to avoid shutting down the commute. you can hear people through the protests shouting "hands up, don't shoot," when officers got tense. the protests happened across the country. i will monitor any new video and information at the live desk. back to you. >> berkeley police say two women and a man are responsible for a spree of violent robberies in a span of 20 minutes on wednesday night. last night, there was another incident. here is our reporter. this south berkeley neighborhood was on lockdown as police searched for an armed robber. he just stole a sandwich from a berkeley bowl, a few blocks away, police say an unrelated robbery spree started. >> robberies are worry m ought robber struck three times, two women and a man tried to snatch
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a wallet from a man as he walked down the street. they kept going. >> looking for people walking by themselves, carrying a cell phone or bag, the typical% snatch strong-arm type robbery. >> they robbed a cal student walking alone on spruce street. he tried to get away but they caught him, pinned him down and punched him. >> very terrible. maybe -- am a bit scare. >> you don't want to think about this but you are aware. >> police have few leads. a day in the east bay an apple store heist a group of thieves made off with 50 devices from the berkeley apple store on 4th street. it wasn't over, the same store was hit again days later.
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it happened this week. accord to berkeley police, eight thieves took 50 item on tuesday and then more items on thursday afternoon. law enforcement agencies are working together to see if it is part of a pattern. >> the orange county sheriff in florida is release body scam a votes as deputies went inside the pulse nightclub. we can see the deputies grabbing rifles and haunting images of disco lights still flashing as officers have guns drawn inside the nightclub. self times during the video the body cameras go black because that is when there were images of victims' bodies. we can hear phones ringing and no one answering. the june mass shooting was the worst in united states history, 49 people died, 53 were hurt. >> dry conditions are feeding 37 large wildfires in the southern appalachian mountains and 5,000
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firefighters balancing fires in care lies that and tennessee. tens of thousands of acres have burned and a dozen of the largest files are uncontained. parts of the southeast are in severe detroit. >> san francisco's marijuana task force has a list of recommendations for legal pot sales. the city should move quickly to license pot farms, kitchens, and testing laboratories. the "san francisco chronicle" said the recommendations include pot smoke lounges for adults and pop-up smoking tents at permitted events. they recommended a 1% excise tax. macy's is selling the union city sale for $250 million a plan to close 100 stores around the nation. macy's declined to name the buyer but sources are quoting to say it is morgan stanley. macy's will lease the building for two or three years while
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they reconfigure the main store. >> when you travel across the bay bridge new span you could notice more of the old eastern span has vanished. the entire section was riding on a barge. the cranes lowered the 1.7 million-pound truss to the barge yesterday. you can see the truss moving forward toward the port of oakland and it will be cut in pieces and recycled. >> we are so proud to take part in the "light the night walk," finding a cure for blood cancer. >> i see love and the pow we of what happensen we come together. >> you can see everyone is carrying a lantern. each signifies something different. survivors carry white. red is for supporters and gold is for those we have lost. >> in honor of my grandfather
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who passed away from leukemia. it rays money for the leukemia society. >> it was fun to feet so many of you. i brought my dog because...and eric thomas and jessica castro and it was great talking to you and so glad so many of you were able to support the cause. >> mike property us beautiful weather and we thank you for that. >> it was a little warm amount little humid by at&t standards and calm, also. we will open up the weather window on san jose where it is clear and 57. this is 280 and 17. warmth will relax and warmer than average with high clouds and sunshine and north bay showers tomorrow and mainly drizzle more then showers and stronger storm on tuesday and wednesday. you can see the low of the center of the storm moving to the northeast than to the east so we are getting the tail end of it. today, temperatures in the 60,
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mid-to-upper 60s, santa cruz and half moon bay and san francisco and richmond and the rest us in the let 70s. the storm-impact scale shows the best chance of showers across the north bay would be from "1" light to "5" severe we are pulling out the north bay because you are the only ones with a direct effect from the storm. it is coming in after midnight through 8:00 in the morning and from 8:00 to noon with increasing sunshine and rainfall totals, maybe .1" in the valley and double that in the mountain and drizzle around san francisco and oakland tomorrow morning. my seven-day forecast shows it is dry on sunday and monday. the next storm moves in on tuesday into wednesday. a lot of rain is possible. alexis? >> off to a quiet start. on the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge, no fog. we have some this morning. i added live doppler hd visibility player around the
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modesto and stockton from the central valley you will have thick fog. slow down. so far it is not slowing you down whatever and the friday light drive times westbound 580 tracy to dublin is only 27 minutes and still in the green southbound 680 is good from the dublin area, and northbound 85, 101 to cupertino is green at 16 minutes. >> a major player in the debit card industry is in trouble with the feds and what they are accused of doing to their customers. >> you could see a yellow pop-up in your neighborhood. >> baseball season is not over. here are the techbytes. >> you can now stop embarrassing aing "send," with an "undo," for a few seconds after the mail goes out. it is not available on droid. >> and nasa will launch their
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first satellite system tracking the weather that will help meteorologist gauge the intensity of hurricanes and predict storm
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>> snapchat has snap box. i am trying to wrap my head around this. box will land in a neighborhood and get there by balloon.
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>> what are you talking about? >> when it is there, it will sell new glasses. so many steps to this...i am not getting. they were introduced two months ago that record video ten seconds at a time. the video is uploaded to snapchat ... it sounds like something from the movie "up." >> the federal government is charging a major debit card provider with preventing customers from using their own money. the company deceived customers in the ads, and programmed customs immediate access to money they load on to their cards but in then cases they delayed activation or blocked the release of funds. they delays are due to compliance with federal laws against fraud and terrorist financing. >> local families in need can enjoy a thanksgiving day dinner because of a generous donation. foster farms will donate 640 turkeys to the san francisco
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marin food bank more than 10,000 pounds of turkey. the special delivery is at 11:00 this morning. one in four people in san francisco and marin are at risk of going hungry. they hope the thanksgiving day donation will encourage others to give. >> if you travel around the state, rain is possible at eureka, 66, if you are headed to lake tahoe, 62 degrees and headed to the south it is warm, minority 80s down to san diego. the next storm as promised, 10:00 on tuesday night it is moving into the north bay and right in the heart of the morning rush hour on wednesday, that is when the heaviest rain falls and it will taper headed to the evening. preliminary rainfall totals have not changed up to half an inch in the north bay, and half that around the bay and half that in the south bay. alexis? [ inaudible ] >> no major issues so far. walnut creek has light volumes
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on southbound 680. i want to talk about van ness with major changes. you have seen the preparations tonight at 10:00 p.m. and it will be reconfigured van ness at broadway. it will be the only option to take a last town on the southbound side. the northbound side, they will work on eliminating all of the left towns. you will still be able to turn at hayes and lombard. on monday morning for the commute we go from three to two lanes. it will be rough going. we look at drive times next. >> here is positiveness to start day, the baseball season could be over but this was an opening day that will show you how much good there is in the world. ten year old thomas hastings loves baseball and the red sox and he was born with muscular distrophy, so playing difficult is challenging because she a
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motorized wheelchair. make a wish built his own miniature fenway park in his backyard. 30 days later it was ready. [ inaudible ] >> it was exciting when i stepped on to the field. i was thinking, this is real, it is not a dream. skit real. >> his dad said if you can tune out the negativity going on right now there are amazing people identity there. >> they get so many of the details right, just amazing. >> rock donald trump will spend the welcome trying to fill key jobs in the administration. the names on the short list. our protesters obsessed with trump's election created a nightmare for drivers. >> breaking news from southern california, gathering details on a
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good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> you made it to friday. it is veterans day, november 11. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui next to jessica castro with meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith. >> another warm day? >> i think so. not as warm as yesterday but a lot of sunshine and high clouds come back in. veterans day will be delightful for actives to honor our veterans. here is fog. it is not thick at reporting stations but for half moon bay and santa rosa but it is out there in the


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